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 firstbase healthcare 

 Success Stories 


Success Story Hirslanden Group

We need valid data for our operational processes. Products without the corresponding data are worthless in our digital world. Without quality-assured data, we can neither order articles, nor document consumption, nor map the movement of goods, nor pay invoices.

Eugenio Di Biaso, Head of Supply Chain Management

The Hirslanden Group, like all companies in the Swiss healthcare sector, is confronted with ever-increasing demands: cost pressures are rising, regulatory processes are intensive and there is a need to ensure end-to-end patient safety. Hospitals and their purchasing companies have to standardise and digitalise their processes. The smooth exchange of seamless, valid and up-to-date product master data between all levels of care in the Swiss healthcare industry forms the basis for this.  

The fact is that until now, medical facilities have often had to procure the required product data second-hand via wholesalers or from the manufacturers' websites and online shops. This approach was not only very time-consuming, but also prone to errors.

The process of obtaining data often took far too long. There were sometimes lead times of two weeks before we could use a healthcare item. This was a real and unacceptable problem in the context of patient and care security. 

Eugenio Di Biaso, Head of Supply Chain Management
Hirslanden Group

Switzerland approached the Hirslanden Group with firstbase healthcare. From then on, this new platform was to facilitate the smooth exchange of data in the healthcare sector. In fact, GS1 Switzerland succeeded in convincing not only the Hirslanden Group, but also the most important data senders and data recipients in the Swiss healthcare market of the benefits of firstbase healthcare.  

Within a very short time, the Hirslanden Group was able to start direct data exchange with its most important suppliers such as Roche Diagnostics (Schweiz) AG, Johnson&Johnson, Braun Medical AG and many more. Other healthcare companies are continuously joining the platform and expanding the portfolio of medical products, invitro diagnostics, medical consumables and medical technology.  

The Hirslanden Group now relies on standardised data exchange and firstbase healthcare provides the basis for the digitalisation of its purchasing, logistics and sales processes.  

With firstbase healthcare, GS1 Switzerland has launched a tool that allows us to significantly reduce the previously very high costs associated with product master data management.

Eugenio Di Biaso, Head of Supply Chain Management
Hirslanden Group

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GS1 Switzerland members have access to electronic data exchange of product master data, images and media assets within Switzerland - and worldwide - via the value added service firstbase healthcare.

firstbase healthcare offers companies in the Swiss healthcare industry a single source of truth to collect, maintain and provide and exchange product data according to the applicable validation rules. Data senders enter their product master data in the user-friendly user interface of firstbase healthcare. The connection works automatically via interfaces or also workflow-based from in-house systems or via GDSN. Product master data created in the platform is linked to the integrated master data pool of GS1 Switzerland and, if desired, to other GDSN data pools.

Via the EUDAMED and GUDID connectors, the connected companies can easily and conveniently register their firstbase healthcare product master data in the EUDAMED database.


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