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firstbase connects sender and receiver of product master data.  

Here you will find all important and helpful documents for the implementation of firstbase.  

Onboarding process firstbase - data sender

Step-by-step instructions for an uncomplicated start with firstbase.

Profiles Overview

The data models for the Swiss target market are documented in the GS1 Swiss Profiles Overview. Currently these are trustbox for pre-packed food, consumer goods for consumer goods/retail (FMCG) and healthcare for the health sector. In this document you can easily filter the desired information or search for an attribute or attribute group. Each attribute is described with its definition, status (mandatory, optional, conditional), format and valid values and includes a link to the code list (pick list) if applicable. This helps to fill in the attributes. All information in this document is available in German and English.

The data models were developed in cooperation with partners from industry and commerce and are based on the worldwide GDSN Business Message Standard.

GDSN Kompendium – firstbase consumer goods

The compendium describes the content relevant to the Swiss target market for consumer goods. It specifies all attributes and contains definitions, supplementary community descriptions / explanations, links / conditions as well as tips and examples.

The compendium is only available in German.

Release Notes / Release Infos

Here we inform you about the time horizon and release content of firstbase and GS1 GDSN® releases.

The release information is usually bilingual, please scroll down for the English version.

Image specification

The digital staging of products is a critical success factor in omnichannel.

This document describes specifications for the production of product images for use in the digital environment.

The specification was developed together with partners from industry and trade and is based on the global image specifications of the GS1 organisations.

GS1 Excel firstbase healthcare interface template

You would like to export or import firstbase healthcare product master data via the GS1 Excel interface?

In the GS1 Excel firstbase healthcare interface template you will find a commented template as well as a "Read me" with explanations and important information in German and English.

REST API Interface Documentation

You would like to deliver and maintain your product master data via an API interface connection?

Or you would like to retrieve and receive product master data from firstbase via an API interface? 

The REST API interface documentation describes the most important queries to the API interface of firstbase.

Data for free view 

Here you can see a preview of the product master data (update monthly). 

Want to see more? For a full, complete view, please contact distribution@gs1.ch, we will be happy to advise you.

Information about GDSN

The central data exchange platform firstbase is integrated into the largest product data network in the world: the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network - GDSN for short. Users of firstbase can thus exchange product data worldwide and benefit from the advantages of GS1 GDSN®.

You want to know what GDSN is and how GDSN works?

Information on ECHO 

ECHO stands for Extending the Collaboration of Healthcare Organisations. The initiative focuses on harmonising market strategies and data requirements of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) across borders and translates this into a commonly used data model for the different countries involved: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and more countries who join over time.


The manuals introduce you step by step to the handling and use of firstbase or trustbox and explain the user interface and the most important functions.

Terms of use firstbase

Global Registry Access and License Agreement


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