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Do you want to send or receive master data? First clarify your individual starting position and your needs. The following three project steps will help you: 

Data sender

As a manufacturer, brand owner or distributor, you need to make product information available to your customers via different channels: Individual customer portals, Excel files or other master data solutions. 

To ensure that you can always provide product master data in a structured form that is up-to-date, complete and quality-assured, the following internal processes must be established:

  • Data reconciliation and updating

  • Customer information on master data exchange and the jointly achievable goals 

  • Clearly define responsibilities

  • Quality assurance

  • Data exchange with solution providers

Data recipient

As a retailer, online shop, service provider in the healthcare sector or solution provider, you receive the master data of your suppliers in different structures and formats.

To ensure that you can always obtain up-to-date, complete and quality-assured product master data in structured form, the following internal processes must be established:

  • Data reception and daily updating of the data

  • Validation of the data

  • Processes in the areas of merchandise management, purchasing, sales, etc. 

  • Communication with suppliers


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