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 GS1 Switzerland  

Data exchange made easy

Here you can find further information and documents about firstbase.

GS1 Switzerland

A common language  

GS1 Switzerland is part of the GS1 organisation, which is present in over 116 countries worldwide. We are passionate about optimising the flow of goods, value and information to enhance the performance of the economy and improve the quality of people's everyday lives.

Together with committed representatives from trade, industry, healthcare and many other companies, we develop standardised solutions and actively support their implementation. We provide the necessary expertise in logistics, supply and demand management and actively promote the networking and collaboration of all participants. 

Our goal is for all value-added networks to use optimal, standardised flows of goods, values and information.

The electronic exchange of data is becoming increasingly important in supply chain management. GS1 Switzerland supports this need through globally standardised document formats and process recommendations, which are available to all players in the market. We attach great importance to the exchange of trustworthy data. 

As part of its Strategy 2022+, GS1 Switzerland is pursuing the goal of offering all market participants a platform on which product master data can be provided and exchanged.


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