Onboarding process firstbase - Data sender  
The step-by-step guide for an uncomplicated start with firstbase

Welcome to firstbase - the industry solution for standardised product master data exchange.

Are you interested in our solution and would like to use firstbase? The steps described below will help you to be able to share your product master data with the connected companies quickly and easily.

1. Have the offer calculated


You can find the costs for firstbase under the menu item Offer. Here you can quickly and easily calculate your licence costs for firstbase.

2. Application & Requirement


The use of firstbase requires a membership with GS1 Switzerland. If you are already a member, you can fill out the licence application right here. If you are not a member, please fill out the membership application first.

3. Registration & Access


Your application will be checked. You will then receive a confirmation from us and will be contacted by us so that you can deposit your desired users. After they have been created in the system, the named users will receive a registration invitation for firstbase by e-mail. After registration, the users receive access to the firstbase platform.

4. Before the start


To make your start with data collection easy, register for one of our free webinars. You will learn how to use the solution. We will also answer all your questions and help you with any uncertainties: To the webinars. In addition, we recommend our documentation.

5. Collect first data


The best way to start entering data is to enter an item in the web solution. Our solution helps you with data entry and shows you which fields are mandatory. After you have filled an article as completely as possible, you can download the article as an Excel file and use it as a template for your other articles. In this way, you fill firstbase with your data bit by bit.

6. Data entry via Excel in the firstbase healthcare platform (for firstbase healthcare only)


For data entry in our firstbase healthcare solution, you can also use our prepared Excel template «GS1 Excel firstbase healthcare  interface template». In this file you can enter your items and import them easily. You will find an instruction manual in the first tab of this file.

7. Inform your customers


Help to establish firstbase in the market and motivate your customers to obtain data from firstbase. Short supporting letters (one pager) can be found in the application kit. We thank you for your support.

8. Stay informed


Sign up for the firstbase newsletter today and receive the latest information on adjustments and innovations in the target market profile and the solution.

Do you have any questions?  

We are happy to be there for you. Here you will receive competent and direct support. 

058 800 78 00


Useful information and additional documents can be found under the menu item "Services"

In addition to a helpful FAQ and glossary, you will find the current "Profiles Overview" profile for the Swiss target market. All attributes are described in detail. This document also gives you a quick overview of which attributes are mandatory and which are optional.



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