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Calculate check digit quickly and easily

The check digit serves to secure the recorded data. It ensures that the data has been read in without errors. An incorrect check digit can result in costly corrections.

The check digit is the last digit of the GTIN (formerly EAN), GLN or SSCC. It is calculated from the front digits and ensures the correctness of the GTIN (or GLN, or SSCC). 

GS1 Switzerland offers you two
options to choose from: 

GTIN Registry 

The easiest way to calculate the check digits is to use the free GTIN Registry. As a member of GS1 Switzerland, you can create and manage your GTIN in the GTIN Registry. You can also generate EAN-13 barcodes in the GTIN Registry with just one click.

Check digit calculator

With the check digit calculator from GS1 Switzerland, you can easily calculate your check digit.

Check Digit Calculator


The GS1 basis number (GCP, GS1 Company Prefix) is the basis for the GS1 identification keys. These include, for example, the GTIN for products, the SSCC for logistics units and the GLN for locations. They enable unique identification worldwide. You can find your GS1 basis number in the confirmation e-mail, in your GTIN Registry account or via Verified by GS1.

For system users from the healthcare industry:

Basic UDI-DI Calculator

The Basic UDI-DI is the primary identifier of a product model, which is assigned at the level of the dosage unit of the product. It is the most important classification feature for records in the UDI database and is shown in the EU declarations of conformity.

With the Basic UDI-DI Generator from GS1 you can create your own Basic UDI-DI.