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 The central  


Data exchange made easy 

A cross-industry, trustworthy and independent platform to exchange simplified product master data.  

Thanks to firstbase, you can exchange correct, complete and up-to-date master data with all your partners. Whether via a web portal, with a direct interface to your systems or via a GDSN data pool. All in one solution.

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firstbase - Your benefits

Tobias Müller


Global standardisation

With firstbase, you are on the safe side worldwide. Our solution is based on internationally recognised GS1 standards, giving you a robust and widely supported platform for your business.

Tobias Müller


Specific solution for the Swiss market

Locally anchored, globally networked. Benefit from a solution that is specially customised to the needs of the Swiss market.

Tobias Müller


Validated data

Trust is good, control is better. firstbase offers you the highest data quality through automatic validation.

Tobias Müller


Full transparency

Up-to-date and in real time - with firstbase you always have a complete overview. All data is accessible to users at any times.

Tobias Müller


Simple and affordable

Getting started is easy with firstbase. As a not-for-profit organization, we offer the platform at fair conditions - save resources.

Tobias Müller


Individual and personalised support

Your project deserves personal attention. GS1 Switzerland supports you with customised training, support and documentation.

Tobias Müller



Help shape it! As a member of GS1 Switzerland, you are part of a community that values co-operation and exchange. Together we advance solutions.










Send and receive product master data via a web portal, with a direct interface to your systems or via GDSN data pool.










Data suppliers and data recipients have agreed on a sector-specific data set. This means that you only have to maintain a small amount of relevant data on the central database in order to achieve the greatest benefit.








As a manufacturer/supplier, you maintain your master data directly on the central platform. This means that changes are available immediately and everywhere. The master data is checked for plausibility and completeness - this ensures the greatest possible transparency.







Für die Schweiz konzipiert, ist die Plattform doch weltweit verknüpft.

Designed for Switzerland, the platform is nevertheless linked worldwide. This gives you, the user, an overview of products on the world market.

The main questions

To whom can I send my data with firstbase?

With firstbase, you reach not only small and large retailers, online shops, marketplaces and service providers such as clinics and laboratories in Switzerland and worldwide, but also app developers, menu calculation providers and many more. Choose the industry-specific implementation that suits your needs. 

What data can I send with firstbase?

In addition to general product information including images, product category or safety information, extensive additional information can be exchanged. The information can differ per product category and is based on the globally valid GDSN standard of the GS1 organisations. 

From whom do I receive master data via firstbase?

You receive product information from all directly connected suppliers and distributors. In addition, it is possible to obtain data from companies connected to the GDSN network. Product information from trustbox is also available.


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